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I need to do some spring cleaning with my gear collection. I have a lot of gear that either doesn't get used any more, or was purchased as a back-up and has never been used at all. I'll be adding pictures and more gear soon, maybe even a Soldano!

I'll get some pictures posted later, but I wanted to go ahead and get some of this list tapped out and online in case anyone was interested.

Anyone who is interested can send me an email through the contact form and let me know what equipment you are interested in. I will reply with payment info ASAP.

I'll be accepting Paypal for payment on these items. Buyers must have a PP confirmed USA address, and said items will only ship to the PP confirmed address. Sorry, no international shipping, I've just had too many problems with intl. shipping.

All prices include standard shipping, insurance and priority shipping are extra. I can't be responsible for shipping loss or damage, so get insurance if you want it.

Music Gear for Sale

TL Audio 5050 Pre-Amp / Compressor
studio compressorThis is an all tube pre-amp and compressor that is incredibly warm and full sounding, and makes any instrument sound its best. A serious piece of top quality professional gear. Equally at home in recording or live situations, these boxes are as good as it gets for their price. This one was a studio extra and has been mounted in a rack, but has never been used or moved. It is in new and perfect condition, except maybe evidence of rack mounting. These sell for $700 or more everywhere, so this one is a real steal.
Price: $519 USD
dbx 166XL Dual Channel Compressor / Limiter
dbx 166xlAnother studio backup, this is a stereo compressor and limiter that offers two seperate channels of compression and limiting. An excellent all around workhorse that is as comfortable in a guitar rack as it is in a recording studio. This one has never been out of the studio and is in excellent condition. These are $250 or more from just about anywhere.
Price: $189 USD
( 2 ) Two 12" Guitar Speakers
I have two brand new 12" guitar speakers that were lifted from a student's cabinet a few years ago. He bought a Crate 4x12 cabinet of some sort and we immediately installed some V12s in it for him. These speakers are as new and have never been used, just sat around in the studio here stored in some Celestion speaker boxes. They are the Crate brand speaker (SLM Electronics I think it is). These are 8 ohm I believe, but I'll have to check and see. Price is for both speakers.
Price: $69 USD Shipped
Samson Q1 Condensor Microphone
These are fantastic mics for the money, and they work very well on vocals and guitar cabs. This one is new in the box, although it may have been tested when we received it. Here is some description from the Samson website: The Q1 is a handheld condenser vocal microphone that excels in both live and project studio applications. Equipped with a linear frequency response for superior reproduction, it is also designed to withstand high sound pressure levels. Extremely sensitive, it employs a tight cardioid pattern to reduce feedback. A special shock-mounted element minimizes handling noise and provides additional protection. Pictures are of actual microphone for sale and were just taken. This microphone also includes the box and paperwork.
Price: $79 USD Shipped
Audio Technica Kitpak Drum Mic Set w/ Case
An excellent four microphone set for live drums. The four included mics are specifically designed for kick, toms, snare, etc., and they come in a great hard shell carry case with custom cut foam interior. This microphone kit has a list price of $399. This set was only used for one day to record some drum tracks for a demo recording, they are in excellent condition.
Price: $139 USD Shipped
Tascam CD-305
A rackmount 5-disc player with legendary TASCAM quality and professional connections. All of the features required in commercial and studio installations. Rack mountable player, XLR balanced and RCA unbalanced outputs, S/PDIF digital output, Wireless remote included, Normally sells for $550, Like new, only used twice in the studio.
Price: $289 USD Shipped

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